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Anosh Wadia
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I'm using Starfish to update data in Salesforce.

I have Goldmine data imported into SalesForce, and now I wish to update a SalesForce field called ID_TYPE with a value of "Drivers License" when a value exists in my source field "UHDRVRLIC". If no value exists, I want the ID_TYPE field to be blanked or nulled out.

I've tried running this several ways but unfortunately it always seems to blank out the ID_TYPE value. In my UPDATE mapping, I'm using a scripted field as follows:

Function ScriptedField
If "" & "@@ORG:UHDRVRLIC@@"<>"" Then
ScriptedField="Drivers License"
ScriptedField=" "
End If
End Function

However each time I run the map, it blanks out the ID_TYPE even though values exist in the UHDRVRLIC field.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Aron Hoekstra's picture Aron Hoekstra
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Would you mind posting the results of your log? at least just the portion for this field.

thank you

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Anosh Wadia's picture Anosh Wadia
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Hi Aron,

Thanks for the response, I'll email the file to you directly.


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Viewing 2 posts (of 2 total)

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