New QuickBooks and Exchange Connectors

quickbooks and exchange connectors

New QuickBooks and Exchange Connectors

We're celebrating the release of StarfishETL 3.0 with the addition of 2 brand new connectors. It's been several months in the works and we hope it's been worth the wait.


With the popularity of the QuickBooks accounting software, many people have been asking for the ability to integrate their QuickBooks data with their CRM system. Our connector allows for both reading & writing with all tables in QuickBooks. You can easily extract Company & Contact data, Sales Orders, Products, Invoices, Line Items and integrate it with an external system. Imagine allowing your salespeople to look up past invoices without having to bother your accounting staff! What a time saver! In the near future, we will be making available a base mapping between QuickBooks and SugarCRM, with other CRM's to follow. Already using a different CRM system? Fill out the Request For Services form and let us do the dirty work for you.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Retrieve and store Mail messages, Calendar items, Contacts and more with our new Exchange connector. The possibilities are endless with bi-directional support, thanks to the flexibility of Exchange Web Services (a requirement for the use of this connector). We support Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013 - both internally and externally hosted configurations. Here are a few ideas for what you can now do:

automatically store incoming and outgoing messages to appropriate contacts in your CRM system

archive messages for regulatory purposes

move your historical emails during a system migration

synchronize calendars and contacts to your CRM or mobile device

process support cases by automatically logging communications to an existing ticket

parse and import data from website forms

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