iPaaS, StarfishETL, and You

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) provides the most powerful way to collect and analyze data no matter its location. iPaaS allows you to monitor and manage integration, update processes, and enjoy universal connectivity of your applications. Standardizing how applications are integrated makes it easier to automate processes and share data across applications. 

There are a good handful of iPaaS solutions emerging on the market today. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your business. This post provides some insight into iPaaS, and StarfishETL iPaaS specifically, to add context to your research. 

Why Businesses Need iPaaS

When enterprises integrate different types of solutions like ERP and CRM, data warehouses, and even homegrown apps, they end up with an unmanageable number of point-to-point connections that can hinder their whole integration ecosystem. Businesses rely on iPaaS to overcome those challenges by centralizing the administration, function, and design of all those integrations through its capabilities. Managing projects around integration, devops, data governance, etc. are all facilitated through the iPaaS. In this way, iPaaS solutions like StarfishETL foster greater business agility, combine disparate applications to accelerate time to market, unify the customer experience, and amplify digital transformation initiatives.  

Why StarfishETL iPaaS?

StarfishETL offers easy, low code mapping and also has strong tools for managing, personalizing, and building your project to match your goals. With all the connections in a centralized area, it sets you up to deliver consistent customer service. Here are some ways StarfishETL iPaaS can help your business stand apart: 

#1 More Reliable Data

iPaaS makes process automation simpler by syncing data easily between applications and creating transparency between data sets. StarfishETL iPaaS reduces the gap between business intelligence and data entry, breaking down silos and creating more accurate and reliable outcomes. Teams are able to track the real-time metrics necessary to make better business decisions because of this. 

#2 Visual Designer

The StarfishETL Designer allows you to customize your field-to-field mapping, oversee projects and workflows, and test your integration through a visual, drag-and-drop interface. However, developers who want to do deeper programming have plenty of coded options, too. StarfishETL offers scripting in multiple languages—VBScript, C#, JavaScript, and Python—so you can use whichever language your teams prefer or your projects demand. The designer allows for complete customization so you can accomplish your goals. 

#3 Improved Customer Experiences

To provide great customer service, all departments need the ability to collaborate and view data that’s consistent. StarfishETL lets teams unify how they use apps and tools to support customers and ensure quick answers and advice. Many businesses use iPaaS to integrate backend CX data or improve customer communication on mobile devices. Syncing your billing system, phone apps, or CRM could also help with customer service data transparency. 

#5 Lower Maintenance Costs

SaaS applications regularly update their security protocols and APIs. An iPaaS can automate these updates and allow access to the latest features without manual oversight. As a result, maintenance costs are reduced and data is always current and reliable.  

#6 Secured Gateways

iPaaS systems provide complete control of your data. One of the biggest risks of integration between on-premises and cloud databases is security of the data. StarfishETL encrypts data with SSL, does blackbox testing for web services and servers, and uses 256-bit encryption for passwords. Data is never kept at rest, which further reduces potential security risks. Organizations that must integrate data through a firewall have a particular advantage with StarfishETL also. StarfishETL’s Ray technology enables on-premises connections without disabling the firewall and exposing sensitive data. 

#7 StarfishETL’s AI Stitching Engine 

StarfishETL’s AI-powered Stitch Engine uses software patterns to build integrations based on heuristics. This allows the system to rapidly develop new integrations that can later be personalized by users to accelerate development and streamline architecture.

Concluding Thoughts

iPaaS offers powerful, dynamic, and holistic connections to data so sharing insights between platforms is easier and more efficient. Managing different databases is simpler and more secure with iPaaS. To learn more about StarfishETL iPaaS and how it can benefit your organization, please reach out to us at sales@starfishetl.com for a free demo. 

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