Easier connection setup, bpm'online connector & more

bpm'online connector setup

Easier connection setup, bpm'online connector & more

We're extremely proud today to be announcing the release of StarfishETL 4.0. In recent versions, a number of connectors have been redeveloped from the ground up including Salesforce, SData, Email, and Sage CRM. In this release, we've taken this opportunity to remove the old/deprecated versions of these connectors. We've also cleaned up our codebase by eliminating unnecessary dependencies which should result in faster software loading times.

Another big feature is that we've eliminated the need to hand-enter connection strings. Previously these had to be typed in a specific format which could be confusing and error-prone. Now all our connectors have the different parameters broken out into separate fields on the screen making the task much simpler. This is 100% backwards compatible with your existing maps so your current connection string should be parsed into the appropriate boxes.

We've released a complete rewrite of our SageCRM connector and are also publishing our new connector for bpm'online which is a very popular cloud-base BPM/CRM software . Our bpm'online connector is fully bi-directional allowing the reading and writing of data into virtually all entities.

There are other improvements too, including increased control over when notification logs get delivered and various bug fixes.

NOTE: Due to the removal of a number of old dependencies, it is recommended that a complete uninstall of any previous version be performed prior to installing Starfish ETL 4.0. Uninstall will not affect your project documents/maps