The StarfishETL Story

It all started in 2007 when we were consulting customers on their CRMs. Many customers transitioning to new systems needed a flexible and efficient way to move their data, but the market’s leading ETL tools lacked crucial features. So, the team started working on their own solution; and after a year of coding, testing, and optimizing, the StarfishETL platform was born.

A starfish is a resilient animal. Its brain and intelligence are distributed through each of its arms. This is reflected in StarfishETL’s ability to connect to multiple products at the same time, using its intelligence to make your systems work together.

Today, StarfishETL does so much more than traditional data migration. It is a powerful tool for integrating ERP, marketing automation, social media, email, and even obscure systems with your CRM. Its framework supports projects of every size and complexity with Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid capabilities — and it continues to expand with every new release. We believe anyone can migrate or integrate if given the proper tools and support. With our passion for simplicity, do-it-yourself capacity, and global support network, we encourage businesses to empower themselves through data.

Why StarfishETL?

Keep What’s Important

We move more than just the easy stuff like accounts, contacts, and addresses. We migrate your custom fields, document attachments, and specialized data too, so moving your ERP, CRM, or legacy data is a snap. See, you can have it all.

Cloud-Ready, On-Premises Friendly Deployment

We’re just so gosh darn flexible! It doesn’t matter if your data is hosted on-premises, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of the two; we can move it.

Pricing Model that Fits You

Our pricing model fits any need. Whether you’re moving a complex enterprise database, or a little bit of CRM data, you’ll find a fair pricing scale to match. Compare our pricing to competitors and we know you’ll agree.

Expert Support Team

We have support networks across the country to serve you in a way that's most convenient for your business. Our support staff knows the ins- and- outs of data migration first hand, and they’re always ready to help.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our intuitive platform delivers the ultimate user experience. We built the functionality you need and the user-friendly interface you want. Data migration has never been easier!

Pre-Built Connectors

Our 200+ pre-built connectors and maps connect you to the most popular CRMs, native database drivers, email systems, social media platforms, ERPs, Excel files and more. Don’t see the map you need? Just let us know and we can build one for you.

Contact Us

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  • (847) 655-3400
  • info@starfishetl.com
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